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Augustin Mugica

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Augustin Mugica, child of the ball, on the path since the age of 6 months old with my family, « La famille Moralles ».


After having done many tours around France, putting up and taking down marquees, doing laps around the ring on a unicycle and hours of hours of juggling, I left́ the life of the circus tours to go back to high school. It was when I left the circus arena that I realised my attachment to the public and to the life of a circus artist and thus I decided it was the career for me. In 2015, at the age of 17, I met Zoé Ballanger at the circus school in Le Mans and our teacher asked us to do an acrobatic lift for the festival CIRCA. We then proceeded to train together and explore hand-to-hand and Icarian games.


I have always promoted contemporary artistic writing, but I also always projected myself into a future of circus on the road. A convoy, caravans, a marquee, which was set up on the village square and welcomed anyone who was curious enough to come and discover what is hidden underneath the canvas. Bringing these two elements together is for me the way to be closer to the public.

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