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Cirque de la Guirlande ©Coni.Cuneo.png

We met in 2015 when we were 17 years old. We formed our duo and chose to continue to
work together. In June 2021, we graduated from the Académie Fratellini. We trained working hand in hand and icarian games*, these two complementary disciplines allow us to explore our bodies on different levels and lean on different levels to be able to vary the pleasures, from the ground to the air. As our years of study progressed, we have been able to refine our desire to work with shows that are accessible and as close as possible to our audience.


We affirmed and supported our desire to roam, to tour in a marquee, our desire to be autonomous. With this short and light form, we wish to bring circus to places where it's hardly seen or where there is no circus. In other words, we want to be able to meet the public and to be able to share with them the intimacy of a moment.

Zoé et Augustin Mugica-Ballanger


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