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Zoé Mugica-Ballanger

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Of all the circus disciplines, acrobatics was the only one I chose not to do: I therefore learnt from experience that you should "never say never"!


It was the meeting with my carrier Augustin Mugica as well as the show La Machine by the company Du Fardeau that finally led me to choose this discipline. This show had a fascinating effect on me; the play, the lifts, the ease with which it was performed appeared to me as a genuine and honest pleasure that I could not resist and gave me the desire to want to try it too!
Of all the shows that have nourished and motivated me to embark on this path, there is one, Andiamo, by La Famille Morallès, that has really marked my path. When I discovered this show, I knew immediately that I would share and defend my choices in partaking in these kinds of shows; that are popular, family-oriented and artistically highly demanding.


Modernity and legacy go well together and I like the richness that this allows. Chance or fate? I
did not know that the first time I would see Augustin perform on stage during Andiamo, he would become my future and that our paths would (re)cross a few years later.

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